How Common is Postpartum Depression?

postpartum Depression is very common among mothers

Women have been known to become victims of depression amidst all the joys that having a baby brought to them. According to statistics, one in every four new mothers suffers from postpartum depression which makes it very common among mothers. Also called ‘baby blues’, the main reason behind the onset of this medical condition is … Read more

How to Store Breast Milk in Fridge

How to Store Breast Milk in Fridge at home

Storing expressed breast milk correctly, whether you’re expressing to return to work, ease mastitis or build your breast milk supply, will limit how much of your breast milk is wasted. If you’re spending a lot of time expressing to extract a few precious drops —like me— you know how much it can hurt to waste … Read more

Nursing Strike – Why is my Baby Refusing the Breast?

Nursing Strike - Why is my Baby Refusing the Breast

Lots of breastfeeding moms may experience a nursing strike or breast refusal at some stage, and in most cases, it doesn’t necessarily mean that baby wants to wean. It can simply be an indication that for some reason your baby needs more help, patience, and support through breastfeeding while they go through this phase. Why … Read more

How to Naturally Increase Milk Supply Overnight

How to Naturally Increase Milk Supply Overnight

Often, the reason for weaning is low milk supply or the concern around it. But increasing breast milk naturally can often be easier than most moms would imagine. In most cases, it all basically works on one main principle, supply, and demand. When I used to express or when I was breastfeeding my boys I … Read more

What is Let Down Reflex and How does it Occur?

milk let-down reflex

Your let-down reflex, milk flow, or milk-ejection reflex happens naturally while breastfeeding and it is basically what makes the milk flow out of your breast. I like to think of the milk as being pushed out of, or released from the breast. It is a physical and emotional reflex or response. On a physical level … Read more

Advice on Buying Baby Sleeping Bags

Advice on Buying Baby Sleeping Bags

The arrival of a newborn requires a lot of preparation. The choice of a baby sleeping bag is more than important, whether in winter or in summer… in short, in any season. There are so many questions once again that parents ask themselves long before the baby is born! and how to make a choice … Read more

Postpartum Perineal Rehabilitation – Tips for Healing your Pelvic Floor after Childbirth

Postpartum Perineal Rehabilitation

The perineum is a tissue and muscle group that supports the genitals. It plays a key role in urinary and anal continence, but also for sexual pleasure. Its resistance is put to the test during pregnancy and childbirth, when the tissues that make up the organ might become bloated, causing incontinence, organ descent, or prolapse … Read more

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