Baby Not Crying – Should you be Worried?

Those first few days after coming home are stressful. The baby sleeps, cries, eats, poops, cries, and sleeps. Some babies cry a lot.

Then suddenly for some parents, something changes, almost instantly, and they notice the baby not crying often, or sometimes almost never. This brings on an entirely new set of worries.

Think about it, your baby was a screaming little powerhouse yesterday, and today nothing. Their eyes are looking around, they move their arms and legs, but not a whimper.

You might begin thinking about all the things which may have gone wrong. Did the blanket get over their face and they did not get enough oxygen? Are they autistic? Are they deaf? Suddenly instead of worrying about your sleep, you are worried about your baby.

Is it normal for a baby not to cry?

It is very normal for some babies not to cry. A baby who doesn’t cry is simply a happy baby. “A newborn well surrounded by his parents, especially his mother in the first months, totally available to meet his needs and respect his rhythms, will have no reason to cry

Should I be worried if my baby doesn’t cry?

The first thing to do as a parent when you realize your baby is very quiet than usual is to take a deep breath and relax.

If you are breastfeeding, did this change coincide with your milk coming in? Many mothers and fathers suddenly become worried when their baby shuts up when all the baby is saying is “WOW, I’m full finally.”

Before your milk comes in your baby is getting very little quantity, when it comes in they are fully satisfied so they get quiet and stay quiet longer.

Reasons why some babies don’t cry

The most common reason babies suddenly start being quiet is because they are suddenly discovering the world.

They go from being almost blind to being able to see light, movement, and some large bright objects. Their minds are curiously looking around and absorbing their environment.

Instead of indicating autistic behavior, it could be showing the signs of a very bright mind. When your baby is awake watch their behavior and see what they are doing. If they are alert, responding to stimuli, eating, and acting normally, they are probably fine.

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If you are legitimately worried about your baby being overly quiet go ahead and schedule the appointment with the pediatrician. They are not going to think you are crazy. They may even recommend hearing tests or other simple tests to verify nothing looks abnormal.

In almost all cases of a baby not crying it passes very quickly. You may go through a few days with virtually no crying and then suddenly you are paying the price for your few days of stressful bliss. They make up for the lack of crying before with extra crying over the next few days.

It is always possible that your baby is ill and could even be running a mild fever. If you have a good thermometer go ahead and check.

Babies react differently to illness just like adults. We all know adults who withdraw, pull into themselves and are extremely quiet when sick. We all know adults who are painful to be around when they are ill due to all their complaining, moaning and whining.
Your baby could simply be telling you they are not feeling well.

There’s no reason you, as a parent should be worried because your baby is not crying. Enjoy your few days of the baby not crying, and prepare for the change. It is almost certain to come.


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